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About Dar Al Tawasel

If you need to do Business in the United Arab Emirates you need to be dealing with Dar Al Tawasel National Est. We will guide you through the logistics and consultation of doing business in this region and we will open the doors to opportunities that will make your business grow and succeed in this region.

All of your business objectives will be expertly fulfilled.

With such a variety of investment opportunities across the country, the initial steps toward setting up a business in the UAE can be daunting.

Dar Al Tawasel is a business logistics and consultation service based in Dubai that specializes in building lasting business relationships between the Emirates and foreign investors.

At present the United Arab Emirates has a rapidly expanding economy with a myriad of investment opportunities. Dar Al Tawasel which translates to “House of Connections”, specializes in opening up the country`s markets to potential investors, allowing companies to thrive on the opportunities presented to them by this growing economy.

Of all the business logistics and consultancy companies throughout the UAE, Dar Al Tawasel was commissioned to manage the UAE Investment Map project for the coming seven years, something that our company considers both an honor and a privilege.

Dar Al Tawasel benefits from having strategic partnerships with government ministries, agencies and organizations across the United Arab Emirates, and internationally with office networks and agencies in 12 capital cities across the globe. The company looks to introduce outside investors to opportunities within the UAE, putting in place sustained development plans that allow companies to reach their targets by providing services such as direct representation, virtual offices business delegation management, events and exhibitions.

Created by seasoned, professionals with decades of combined business experience, Dar Al Tawasel`s efficient, flexible and professional services has previously been offered throughout the Middle East and Africa, and is now available worldwide.

Over the years Dar Al Tawasel has built a strong reputation within the UAE thanks to its focus on developing long and lasting business relationships at home and abroad.

We have become known for understanding what is best for each client, no matter what the business or deadline, enabling our company to design comprehensive tailor-made packages to meet individual needs.

After evaluation Dar Al Tawasel sets about connecting clients with contacts or companies best suited to act as local regional or international partners, sponsors or agents. It is the attention to detail that has earned Dar Al Tawasel the reputation as the most trusted business and Logistics Company in the United Arab Emirates, providing professionalism and peace of mind to potential international investors. At Dar Al Tawasel, the belief is that business goes beyond facts and figures, with the strength of any good company grounded in its relationship with its customers, clients and agencies. This is the reason that at the core of the company ethos is the desire to develop and maintain long-term business relationships that will ultimately lead to an opportunity for better returns for everyone.

Dar Al Tawasel enables effective communication between companies who may share common language, culture or country-something that is desirable for any business. For companies setting up in a new country, Dar Al Tawasel provides an invaluable service by coordinating a broad range of events and services for first contact with potential clients or investors.

For more than 15 years, Dar Al Tawasel has evolved within the international marketplace to become the leading provider of complex logistics, protocol and networking solutions to private sector and government clients.

We have the resources and experience to offer a vast range of cutting-edge services with representations not just in the United Arab Emirates but also in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Yemen, Somalia, Liberian and Nigeria.