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Let us connect you…

Dar Al Tawasel National Establishment connecting people service is offered to both United Arab Emirate and foreign investors seeking cooperation in various investment opportunities in the UAE with the purpose of supporting the full business cycle into a successful joint venture. This platform is not only a chance for entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and projects but it is also a facilitative opportunity for investors to find suitable partners.

This service is provided in strict confidence with all the appropriate confidentiality agreements in place.

If you have a project in the United Arab Emirates and you are seeking a partner…

Please send us the descriptive information about your projects. The submitted data must be accurate and complete, so that projects can be offered to potential investors. Following the submission of your project you will receive an evaluation from the Dar Al Tawasel team and be given options on the best path forward for your project.

If you seek an investment opportunity in the United Arab Emirates…

Investors are required to share descriptive information about their expectations. The submitted data must be accurate and complete, so that potential investors can find projects that best match their expectations. The application must include the project owner’s information and investment expectations. Following the submission of your form, your request will be assessed and in case of an approval, you will receive a number of options for you to consider.

Our breadth of expertise allows us to meet the most challenging business needs with flexibility and excellence. Whether you need a business partner or you need to be connected we can guide you to success. Our services straddle the length and breadth of business support solutions.